Metzger Studio


Today's Metzger Studio showcases a medley of unique jewellery, handmade by a select group of talented Canadian jewellery designers.

Metzger Studio also showcases fine art from many talented local visual artists.


Jungusn Lim.jpg

Jungsun Lim

After 20 years working as a clothing designer and art director in Seoul, Korea, I came to Canada to discover inspiration as a jewellery artist and completed Jewellery and metals program at Georgian College. I believe wearing art is embedding one's belief inward, expressing it outward and carrying the physical method of healing, inspiration and liberation. People find the meaning of life through diverse forms of art and my jewellery reflects them. Metal is canvas. A ring has a story. A necklace is a sculpture. I present how I created a dream city, moon, dancing star as a metal form and art jewellery. They have unique 3 dimensional shapes with irregularity and dramatic change of angles created by wax carving, casting and fabrication. Most of my works are focused on the expression of the range of subtle muted shades affected by the natural light.


Heather Ladouceur

I have always loved the process of building and creating; taking things apart and seeing how they can fit back together. I enjoy creating contrasts within my designs light and dark, matte and polished, mixing metals and using negative space. Art Deco is my favourite period, which is often reflected in my work. I like to soften the geometric shapes with the swirls of filigree. I often combine these things with lapidary techniques to make unique and customized pieces.  My favourite stone is pietersite, I love the life and vibrancy that it gives off.  

I have developed a deep passion for jewellery because a great piece can become a part of a person’s identity, reflecting overt and subtle elements of their personality.

Jennifer Wolfe.png

Jennifer Wolfe

I draw inspiration from the unique stones that I find. I’m heavily influenced by the ancient techniques of Granulation, Mokume Gane and Lapidary. I love to incorporate pattern and texture into each of my pieces whether it comes from the stone, pattern in the alloy or granules that I add to each piece. I love the idea of layering several patterns and textures together to see the harmony they create.

Sarah Uffelmann.jpg

Sarah Uffelmann

The inspiration for my jewellery comes from the connective forces of our world. Jewellery has the potential to connect us to one another in its power to represent meaning in our relationships. It connects us to nature in the themes and organic materials used. It also has the strength to connect us to our history. I find particular pleasure incorporating found objects, both real and cast, into my creations. Finally, I believe jewellery is a vehicle for connecting us with ourselves as an expression of self, whether that expression be simple, playful or extravagant.

Kat Sumpton.jpg

Katlyn Sumpton

Katlyn Sumpton is a recent graduate of the Goldsmithing Program at Georgian College. She lives and works in Orillia, Ontario.

Designing and creating jewellery is one of my greatest passions. My jewellery takes inspiration from elements and forms found in nature. The organic forms are juxtaposed with soft geometric ones. I use different finishes on my pieces which creates contrast and interest. I make practical and wearable pieces that are unique, clean and fresh.